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  8. The Pathogenic influence of I-parathyroidhormone on slipped capital femoral epiphysis : Towards on new etiologic approach

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  19. Crystallization Study and Comparative in Vitro–in Vivo Hydrolysis of PLA Reinforcement Ligament

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  25. Pseudoaneyrysm of Medial Branch of the Prufunda Femoral Artery Following Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation of Proximal Femoral fracture : A case Report

    By Thomas Papageorgiou.Ioannis Gigis,Vasilios Goulios,Theodore Beslikas,Ilias Bisbinas,John Christoforidis

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  28. Treatment of A Late Presenting Displaced Radial Neck Fracture in A 10 Years-old Girl

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  30. Lower limb deformity following proximal tibia physeal injury:long-term follow-up

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  31. Genu Recurvatum Deformity in a Child due to Salter Harris Type V Fracture of the Proximal Tibial Physis Treated with High Tibial Dome Osteotomy

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  32. A Giant Scapular Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in a Child

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